180 Days: Day 1

180 Days: Day 1

In 180 days, we’ll be packing up for summer, but today?

Today was day 1.

It sets the tone, the expectations, the standards. It is the ultimate first impression: opening night for six straight hours, and nearly 100 faces.

It was a good first day.  No major glitches until a suh-weet thunderstorm rolled in and shut the power off for a split second, forcing everyone on campus to reboot everything.  But that was no big deal.

Cool but creepy moment: My classroom’s speakers continued to crackle with each lightening bolt, even though I’d shut them off.

Everyone had a schedule, nobody cried, and I only have to call three parents tonight.

IMG_0217Only a few students tried to make an issue of my friends, seen here.  I told them, “I don’t talk smack about you and your friends, don’t talk smack about mine.” They can’t tell if I’m crazy or not, and I like it that way.

For now, there is paperwork, a quick sweep through the room to straighten up, and then I’m bound for home to greet my kiddos as they get off their first bus-ride home.


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