Reddit Rocks.

Reddit Rocks.

Dear Jesse Lee,

Last week I received a box from Amazon that held a box of black markers and a hand sanitizer wall pump.  I was so happy!  I got teacher stuff from a total stranger on Reddit!

I usually have it in my room, but get asked constantly, “Do you have hand sanitizer?” because my bottle migrates around to different locations throughout the day.

And black markers? A classroom can never have too many markers.

So when I got this box, I was excited.  I took a picture of the two items, and emailed them to my work email so I could post them, and thank you.  This was Friday.

Then on Sunday, it became Classroom Christmas.

A large box mysteriously appeared outside my front door while I was dropping one of my kiddos off for some playtime.  I wasn’t expecting anything from Amazon because I’d already gotten my goodies from the Reddit Teacher Thingy, so I was intrigued and confused. Had my husband ordered something?  Did I forget a Subscribe and Save item? What was in this box????

I opened the Big Mystery Box, and squealed like an 80s fan girl at a Duran Duran concert.  Holy Moly Ms. Jesse!

I cannot thank you enough!!  Cleaning supplies!  BInders!  Dividers! A yoga ball!  Highlighters!

You, my new friend Jesse Lee, are awesome, amazing, fantastic, terrific, fabulous, generous, beneficent, amiable, and all things wonderful.  Thank you for your donation to a total stranger and her students.

You rock.  And so does Reddit for hosting this.

Look at this stuff!  I can't thank Jesse from Reddit enough!
Look at this stuff! I can’t thank Jesse from Reddit enough!

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